August 1, 2021

Benefits of Using Keypad Locks on Your Business

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As a business owner, you have better things to do than chase down lost or stolen keys or replace broken or aging locks.

Being as busy as you are can also be a pain to open doors for employees who do not have the authority to carry a key.

Or perhaps your business has employees, vendors, or security personnel who require entrance to areas of your business from time to time.

Your goal could also be to ensure the security of your facility or building. Of course, if you house your inventory or documents inside, and your employees work there, you will want top-notched protection.

A secure locking system means you don't have to worry about your business' safety when you are away from the company, or moving expensive or sensitive contents around.

If you have been questioning your access control systems or door locks on your business, it is probably time to replace them with something more secure.

This article will explore the affordability, benefits, and optimizing your business’ security with keypad locks, so keep reading to see what they are all about.

What is a Keypad Lock?

Keypad Locks - DML

Keypad locks are a type of smart lock that has been used in businesses for many years, offering businesses a better way to lock up and grant access to a building or area.

Keypad locks use a specially-created code (like an ATM card PIN) to determine your identity and allow you or people you choose to have access to your business or areas within your business.

You may have a key code to unlock your smartphone. Keypad locks are a great way to secure your business, and in fact, they are easy to use.

An employee, vendor, or security person would type their code in the keypad to either be granted or denied access. Keypad locks are convenient for both employees and owners and provide more security than a regular deadbolt lock and key.

The special code can be changed and set to be different for each employee, depending on the type of keypad lock you choose.

How Much Security Does Your Business Need?

Depending upon the nature of your business or your industry, you may want to install a keypad at every access point in your building. If you have sensitive material or inventory stored in your facility, this could be an ideal plan.

When multiple doors need to be opened, employees are then responsible for ensuring that the doors are locked safely.

While your business needs security, it also takes time to go through these secure access points. Each time an employee must open a door, that is lost productivity which amounts to a slight financial loss for your business.

Keypad locks allow all employees to enter and exit the building while also keeping it secure. That way you save on productivity from needing to let people in, lock the door behind you, or worry about keys.

Keypads also reduce the risk of a trespasser gaining entry to your building because of someone fumbling with keys and dropping them or losing them.

Employees are terminated or resign all the time, or lose keys, and keys also get stolen. This costs money and comes with additional risks.

With a keypad lock instead of a traditional lock and key, you will be able to keep tabs on who has accessed your business's areas and doors, so you can also keep an eye on your loss prevention levels.

Keypad Locks Can Upgrade Your Security and Your Style

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Key and lock doors are secure but mostly inconvenient.

This is especially true when you have employees or want security and safety plus free-flow movement in your business.

Keypad locks offer businesses the best of both worlds. Security and convenience are the best perks of a keypad lock.

But, they also look good. Most keypad locks provide a keyed entry as well as the keypads for entering a code.

This can increase your building's accessibility for people who are not daily users and those who visit monthly or weekly.

You will not only be able to add or remove users who are granted access, but you will also be able to gain access to your building in the event of a power outage. And, updated technology may also act as a deterrent for potential burglars.

Keypad locks are reasonably priced, and more and more companies have adopted them as part of their security system.

The addition of keypads to a renovation, moving into a new facility, or even just as part of a security upgrade will deliver an eye-catching punch to your clients and customers.

Feel Safe and Secure

A professional locksmith can change your current door locks retrofitted for new keypad locks to ensure your business is kept safe and secure.

Take Away: The cost of adding keypad locks to your business is slightly higher than traditional locking systems; however, the benefits of security and convenience outweigh the cost. You will be able to track who has accessed specific areas on what date and time, and you will also no longer need for you or other employees to stop work in order to grant access to rooms or areas that are secured.

The addition of keypad locks means that you can leave your business for the night or even leave on vacation and know that your employees, building(s), and business are safe and secure.

DML Locksmith Services

Are you ready to discuss your business' lock system? DML Locksmith Services can give you solutions for your safety and discuss the addition of keypad locks to your facility.

If you need any lock or secure access point services, even in the case of an emergency lockout, contact DML Locksmith Services to learn what their team of lock experts can do for you.

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