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What Are Panic/Push Bars?

Both terms refer to spring-loaded levers that rest horizontally on doors. Likely you’ve seen them at schools, office buildings emergency exits, stadiums, and convention centers.

Many businesses use these door products for their buildings.

Push bars enable occupants to exit a building rapidly because a key in not required to operate them from the inside.

This aids evacuation and improves the safety of businesses, particularly those who have multiple employees.

In many cases, a push/panic bar is required by building and fire prevention divisions. We understand how to meet those requirements so that permits and inspections can be acquired and passed.
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Panic Bars FAQ

What are panic/push bars and where are they commonly used?
Panic/push bars are spring-loaded levers commonly used on doors in schools, office buildings, emergency exits, stadiums, and convention centers.
How do push bars improve building safety and aid in rapid evacuation?
Push bars allow occupants to quickly exit a building without the need for a key, facilitating rapid evacuation during emergencies.
Why do many businesses choose to install push bars on their doors?
Businesses install push bars to enhance safety, particularly for buildings with multiple employees, as they provide easy and efficient egress during emergencies.
Are push/panic bars required by building and fire prevention divisions?
In many cases, building and fire prevention divisions require the installation of push/panic bars as a safety measure.
How can DML Locksmith ensure compliance with push bar requirements for permits and inspections?
DML Locksmith has expertise in meeting the requirements set by building and fire prevention divisions, ensuring compliance for permits and inspections.
Can DML Locksmith provide installation services for push/panic bars in commercial buildings?
Yes, DML Locksmith offers installation services for push/panic bars in commercial buildings.
What is the contact number to reach DML Locksmith for commercial panic bar services?
To avail commercial panic bar services, please call us at 214-997-6877.
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