10 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your Home to Smart Locks

We live in a growing technological world and wherever we turn, there seem to be new superfluous smart gadgets (hello, music-syncing light bulbs!).

But in reality, most of these smart technologies are time and energy-saving devices that make your home smarter and help it work better for you.

In this global climate, there is no better time to secure your home.

Using smart technology can help protect your family and home from burglaries, which happen every 22 seconds in the US.

Luckily, burglary rates have steadily decreased over the past few years.

But that does not mean you should let your guard down.

In fact, with smart home technology like smart locks and security cameras, homes are more secure now than ever.

The need to secure your home is important and thankfully, making your home secure can be simple with smart technology like smart locks.

Whether you are experienced in smart home technology or have just gotten started, smart locks are a great way to add sophistication and functionality to your home.

We have compiled a list of our top 10 reasons that a simple upgrade to a smart lock will reshape your everyday life.

1. A Sophisticated First Impression and Bolstered Curb Appeal

Your front door is the first view your neighbors and visitors have of your home, so it is important to make a statement.

The installation of a smart lock system does not mean adding a misshapen, enormous lock to your door.

In fact, most smart locks are streamlined and look like regular locks.

A small change like a new lock and handle can go a long way.

You will not only bolster your home’s security, but you will also increase your home’s resale value and improve upon your curb appeal.

When you update your front door, there is no bigger upgrade than an upgrade of the hardware.

If you plan to sell your home, you might find more interest from potential buyers due to smart technology.

Potential buyers will appreciate access to technology.

In a 2018 study by real estate company Coldwell Banker, smart technology in the home was found to be ‘integral’ to a quicker, better sale.

Simply put, the investment into smart locks will pay out in the sale of your home.

2. Different Lock Types and Uses

If you are not enthusiastic about the appearance of some smart lock systems, rest assured that there is a look that will fit your style.

There are smart locks that look like regular locks, for the more traditional homeowner or more ultra-modern smart locks for the technology lover, and just about everything else in between.

Perhaps you don’t want the world to know that you have a smart lock.

There is a lock that will help with that.

Some retrofit locks attach to the inner part of your deadbolt which disguises the fact that you have a smart lock.

Not only are there different styles of locks, but there are also different types of locks as well:

If you have ever struggled at your door with full hands, you will understand the benefit of smart locks for your home.

In addition to this convenience, smart locks offer a variety of other benefits, like letting someone into your home without actually being physically present, and the potential to set up E-Keys to give to your children, cleaners, or anyone that needs access to your home.

The E-Key is a specified code that you set and can then be erased after use.

Typically smart locks offer the option of multiples of E-Keys to be set.

3. Added Security and Convenience

Smart locks can offer you added security and safety for your home and life.

Your smart lock can offer presence detection, which alleviates the potential for lockouts (or lock-ins!).

You may choose to program your smart lock to recognize certain people to allow them access to your home, which works well if you have a cleaning service, caretaker, or childcare on a regular basis.

As mentioned above, certain smart locks allow you to give access to your home with an E-Key.

However, smart locks also allow you to set parameters around the access given. For example, an E-Key will allow your cleaner access to your home only on Mondays between 12 pm and 4 pm.

As with all smart devices, it is important to keep on top of security updates and change your password frequently.

However, smart locks offer peace of mind that your home has an extra set of virtual eyes.

With the addition of E-Keys, you will not have spare keys to worry about. You can choose to lock your home (even while you’re in it) at a certain time every day.

4. You Can Still Use Regular Keys

Regular Keys - DML

Just because you have installed a smart lock on your home does not mean that you have to get rid of your house keys.

Choose a smart lock that has the option of a keyed entry, and you will have the best of both worlds.

Certain smart locks will attach to your existing deadbolt to give you an added blanket of security.

Your home will be watched over by your lock system, and you can still give a temporary access code.

5. Accessibility Features

If you have a condition that prevents you from the use of everyday products in your home, a smart lock may help with one piece of the puzzle.

Depending on the age of your lock or the way your key was cut, you may have struggled with a key and lock.

A smart lock with a touch or code function can alleviate this problem.

Some people who may benefit from a smart lock are the elderly, anyone with an injured wrist or hand/Carpal Tunnel, and people with certain disabilities, arthritis, and illnesses.

A smart lock will provide ease of entry for anyone that struggles with grip or the ability to use their arms, hands, fingers, or wrists.

6. Remote Functions

You will be able to lock or unlock your home from wherever you are with the simple use of your smartphone.

You will also be able to confirm that your home is locked and secure even if you are out for a night on the town.

This makes for a worry-free vacation, and a quick check on your mobile device is easy if you are worried that you have forgotten to lock your house.

You can also ensure that your family has secured the home after leaving.

7. Multiple Access Points

While we refer to the use of a Smartphone for the control of your smart locks, most smart locks simply require Bluetooth or an internet connection to be controlled.

This means you can use your Smartphone, laptop, computer, or tablet to control your smart locks.

You may even be able to use a virtual assistant, like Google or Alexa, to control your smart locks.

8. Never “Lose” Your Keys Again!

A smart lock really should add convenience to your life, and the use of a house key is not necessary with a smart lock.

You may still want to use your keys, but if you are like many people, you will be glad to be rid of them.

9. Smart Locks Are A Great Addition To Your Smart Home

If you have already upgraded parts of your house with smart technology, smart locks work well to complement your smart home.

With a fully integrated smart home, you will be able to set your home’s temperature, turn the lights on and off, record your favorite television programs, and lock or unlock your house—you can even program certain smart locks to respond to lights, temperature and more when your home is locked or unlocked.

Your home will be monitored by you, whenever you want to keep tabs on it.

10. Affordability

The best reason to install smart locks on your home? The price tag.

Smart locks are a budget-friendly investment in your home, security, and convenience for years to come, and may even help sell your home when the time is right.

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