How Often Should You Change the Locks on Your Business?

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Businesses are always at risk for burglaries and theft. This is why many business owners will change their locks after just a couple of weeks.

You might agree with that idea, but how often you should switch the locks for your company building depends on your business needs.

DML Locksmith Services, serving Dallas and the surrounding area, knows how important the safety and security of your business are to you as a business owner.

The following are our recommendations for how often you change your locks to ensure that your business remains protected.

Changing Business Locks Regularly

If your business has no significant security breaches, lost keys, break-in attempts, or other safety concerns, you should still maintain a schedule for, changing your business keys.

The reason for this is that even though your business may not have any immediate threats, minor risks, like losing a set of keys or the locks not working properly, can become significant security risks.

DML Locksmith Services, recommend that you change your locks at intervals of between six to twenty-four months.

The frequency of your lock changes should be based on the value of the goods or information kept in your facility, how often your keys change hands, how often you have a turnover at your business, and whether you have easy-to-copy keys.

If you are unsure about how high your risk of suffering a security breach is, contact DML Locksmith Services for more information.

Reasons for Changing Your Locks Immediately

There are times when changing your business locks right away is necessary.

A few of these instances are:

1. An Employee With a Grudge Quits

Whenever there is an employee dismissal, there is a chance that the former employee is disgruntled.

If they were keyholders, they may have made a copy of your keys and could enter the building without permission.

This leaves you and your business vulnerable to vandalism, security breaches, or thefts.

2. You Don't Know When The Locks Were Last Changed

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If you are a new occupant of a facility and don't know when the locks were last changed or have not changed your locks for over a year, it is good to change the locks.

If your business has a large number of vendors, and visitors, or a, high employee turnover rate, you should be changing the locks every year to ensure safety and security.

3. You Have Moved To a New Building

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If you buy a new property, you should change the locks after taking possession.

You can easily forget this step since moving spaces is such a hectic time.

However, your business is not secure until you do so.

The previous owners or contractor may not have ill intentions, but when you consider the following, the reasons for changing your locks become more clear:

While not all of these instances will be relevant, changing your locks will ensure that none of them matter.

Your building may house costly inventory, sensitive information, and other high-value items, and that is not counting the importance of ensuring that your staff is safe. Changing the locks is your first step to achieving this.

Note that changing the locks as a new tenant (under a commercial lease) is, not always allowed.

Check with your jurisdiction to see if your landlord is required to change the locks every time a new tenant moves in, is required to notify you of any changes, or if you can change the locks on your business.

4. Keys Have Gone Missing

If you or one of your employees has misplaced keys to your business, you need to change your locks as soon as possible.

Since there is no way of knowing what actually happened to your keys—they may have been stolen or dropped somewhere and found by someone who knows where they belong.

If you are struggling to find your keys, call us to change your locks to ensure that your business remains safe and secure.

5. Your Business is Property Rental

If you are in the business of property rental, then you will find that you have to change the locks often.

For short-term rentals, many businesses consider electronic keyless entry, like keypads or biometric entry, to safeguard your rental.

If you are renting out a long-term commercial or residential space, then there may be key change laws that you have to follow.

Having a locksmith on hand will help you out no matter your circumstance.

How Often Should You Change the Locks on Your Business?

There are several factors to consider when deciding on a frequency for ,changing your locks.

These include your business's size, how often you move employees through the building, and even how many keys there are for every lock on each door.

It will also include the business or service type.

You should be changing the locks on your business every 1-2 years. If you are in a high-risk business, then consider strategically changing your exterior locks every 6 months, or implementing electronic locks for ease and more security.

If you’re unsure of how often you should change your locks, contact a DML Locksmith Services technician.

We evaluate your unique factors such as door type, the number of doors, the location of doors on each floor, and building security features (e.g., video surveillance).

If your locks have been compromised, the team at DML Locksmith Services can offer many high-quality, security solutions to help keep burglars out for good and maintain security.

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DML Locksmith Services, serving Dallas and the surrounding area, knows how often you should change your locks based on your unique business needs.

Our team of experts can provide analysis and advice for an accurate security response to give your business the protection it needs.

DML Locksmith Services offer a wide range of locksmithing and security options. From installing new deadbolts to changing the locks on your business, our team is here for you when it comes time to choose from the wide range of security options available.

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Businesses are always at risk for burglaries and theft. Even if your business has no significant security risks, you should still regularly, change your business keys.

How often you change your locks will depend on personnel frequency, the business or service type, and the number of keys there for every door. Or if:

On average, you should change your business locks every 1-2 years.

High-risk businesses should strategically change exterior locks every 6 months, or install electronic locks for ease and more security.

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