How much does it cost to rekey locks in Dallas?

Unlocking the Enigma; Understanding the Expense of Rekeying Locks in Dallas, TX

Owning a home or overseeing a property involves more responsibilities than one might initially expect.

From maintenance tasks to challenges there's always something demanding attention. One area often underestimated is door security prompting Dallas residents to inquire about the expenses involved in rekeying locks.

When it comes to door security, rekeying stands out as an efficient method of ensuring safety. Before delving into the specifics of pricing for rekeying locks in Dallas it's essential to grasp the concept of rekeying.

Locksmith technique

Rekeying is a locksmith technique that alters the mechanisms of a lock making old keys obsolete and preventing security risks. Professional locksmiths in Dallas like us offer rekeying services for both commercial locks—a cost impactful approach to enhancing security without replacing the entire locking system.

The Financial Implications of Rekeying Locks in Dallas

It's important to note that rekeying costs are generally much lower than those associated with replacing a lock system making it a popular choice, among property owners. The cost of rekeying, by a Dallas locksmith can vary based on factors making it challenging to provide a fixed price. These factors include the complexity and type of lock the number of locks needing rekeying and the expertise and service level of the locksmith. More intricate locks may require time and technical skills leading to an overall cost. It's important to consider that investing in rekey services in Dallas can help minimize risks and ensure an efficient job.

When comparing residential lock rekeying costs to lock rekeying costs one key factor is whether the locks are intended for commercial use. Commercial properties typically use high security locks that may require tools and expertise, for rekeying potentially increasing the cost. On the hand homeowners opting for lock rekeying often find it to be a more budget friendly option compared to completely replacing their locks.

Key alteration - as opposed to lock replacement.

An alternative solution that many people overlook is alteration as opposed to lock replacement. Key alteration presents a cost way to enhance security without having to invest in new locks.
When you're thinking about the expenses, for changing locks in Dallas it's important to consider that having a locksmith alter your keys could actually save you money in the long term while providing the same level of security.

home security - front door of a modern suburban house

To sum up

As you delve into the factors that can impact the cost—such as the type of lock, the quantity of locks, whether its commercial professional services and key modification choices—you realize that the question isn't as straightforward as it initially seems. Despite these variables we can assure you that rekeying remains an efficient way to uphold your property's safety.

Remember, ensuring your property is secure is crucial for both your peace of mind and protecting your possessions or loved ones. This is why investing in a locksmith service like ours in Dallas TX, we offer top notch professional rekeying solutions that have earned trust over time. Consequently, the cost of changing locks in Dallas isn't a figure we can accurately provide without an examination (that we are happy to offer at no extra charge in many cases!).

While comprehending the expense of changing locks is important, don't forget about the nature of service, quality workmanship and peace of mind that comes with having a safe home or business.

Here are some fascinating details, about the expenses associated with rekeying locks in Dallas;

  1. Budget Friendly Security; The cost of rekeying a lock in Dallas can vary depending on factors. It's typically more cost effective than replacing the entire locking system. This makes rekeying a choice for homeowners and businesses looking for an affordable security enhancement.
  2. Price Variations; Not all locks are made equal. The cost of rekeying locks in Dallas can change based on the complexity and type of lock involved. High security locks commonly found in settings may require time and expertise to rekey potentially raising the cost.
  3. Quantity Matters; The total number of locks requiring rekeying significantly impacts the expense. Locksmiths might offer discounted rates for rekeying locks providing additional savings for larger projects.
  4. Skill Comes at a Price; While opting for the rekey service might seem appealing it's crucial to consider that you're investing in your propertys security. Professional rekey services, in Dallas may come with a price tag. They provide priceless peace of mind knowing that the job has been completed correctly.

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DIY Rekeying vs Hiring a Professional Locksmith in Texas: Pros and Cons

Home is where we feel most safe and comfortable, where we spend quality time with our loved ones, and where we store our valuable possessions. To be honest, even in the safety of our own homes, we cannot always guarantee that we are completely protected from the outside world. Home security is of utmost importance, and one of the most essential components of home security is the locks on our doors. Locks not only protect us from potential break-ins and intruders, but they also give us the peace of mind we need to feel safe and secure in our homes.

There are times when we may need to change our locks or rekey them. For instance, when we move into a new home, we may want to change the locks to ensure that we are the only ones with access to our new abode. If we lose our keys or change tenants in a rental property, rekeying the locks is often necessary to maintain the security of our homes. Whatever the reason may be, the decision to rekey our locks is an important one that requires careful consideration.

In this article, we will delve into the topic of rekeying, exploring the pros and cons of DIY rekeying versus hiring a professional locksmith. We will also examine the various factors that should be taken into account when making this important decision, such as home security needs, skill level, budget, and convenience. By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of the options available to you when it comes to rekeying your locks, and be better equipped to make an informed decision about the best course of action for you and your home.

DIY Rekeying: Pros and Cons

Pros for DIY Rekeying

Cost-effective: One of the most significant benefits of DIY rekeying is cost savings. Locksmiths can charge what seems like a significant amount per lock, and by doing the job yourself, you feel like you can save money and potentially rekey multiple locks for the price of one professional service call.

Control access to your home quickly: DIY rekeying allows you to control access to your home without waiting for an appointment or paying for a service call. This option is particularly appealing to those who want to ensure that old keys no longer work and prevent unauthorized entry.

Convenience and flexibility: DIY rekeying offers flexibility and convenience to homeowners. Instead of waiting for an appointment or a service call, you can rekey your locks on your own schedule, allowing you to plan your time accordingly.

rekeying your locks

Cons DIY Rekeying

Lack of experience and knowledge: One of the biggest drawbacks of DIY rekeying is the lack of experience and knowledge. Rekeying a lock is a complex process that requires specialized tools and a certain level of expertise. Without this expertise, mistakes can be made that can compromise the security of your home. If the lock is not reassembled correctly, it may not work properly, or it may be vulnerable to picking or bumping.

Time-consuming and frustrating: Rekeying a lock involves disassembling the lock, removing the old pins or tumblers, and replacing them with new ones that correspond to a new key. This can be a tedious and intricate process, particularly for those who are new to locksmithing. The process can take several hours, and it can be frustrating when issues arise.

Not all locks are rekeyable: Not all locks are rekeyable, and some may require replacement instead. If you are unsure about whether your locks can be rekeyed or if you have multiple types of locks, it may be best to consult a professional locksmith to ensure that you are taking the appropriate measures to secure your home.

Hiring a Professional Locksmith: Pros and Cons

professional locksmith

Pros of Hiring a Professional Locksmith

Expertise and Experience: Professional locksmiths have the knowledge, expertise, and experience to handle all types of locks and security systems. They are trained to rekey locks quickly and efficiently, without damaging the lock or the door. They have access to specialized tools and equipment that make the job easier and faster. Locksmiths are also updated with the latest technology and advancements in the field of locksmithing, so they can provide you with the best advice and service.

Quick and Efficient Service: Hiring a professional locksmith can save you time and effort. Instead of spending hours trying to rekey a lock yourself, a professional locksmith can complete the job in a matter of minutes. Locksmiths also provide emergency services, so if you are locked out of your home, they can come to your rescue quickly.

Guarantees and Warranties: Professional locksmiths offer guarantees and warranties on their work, which provides peace of mind knowing that the job was done correctly. If anything goes wrong with the lock after the rekeying, the locksmith may fix it free of charge. This guarantee ensures that the locksmith will take responsibility for any mistakes made during the rekeying process.

Cons of Hiring a Professional Locksmith

Higher Cost: One of the biggest cons of hiring a professional locksmith may be the cost. Professional locksmiths charge for their expertise and experience, so their fees can be higher than the cost of DIY rekeying. The cost of hiring a locksmith is worth it if you want to ensure the security of your home.You will also know that it will be done right the first time and last longer.

Scheduling Constraints: Scheduling can be an issue when hiring a professional locksmith. You may need to wait for an appointment or pay extra for emergency services. If you need the rekeying done quickly, we are sure you will be able to find an available locksmith quicker than you think.

Factors to Consider in Decision-Making

When deciding whether to DIY rekey or hire a professional locksmith, there are several factors to consider. 

If you have a high-value property or live in an area with high crime rates, it may be worth the extra expense to hire a professional locksmith for the added security measures they can provide.

If you have experience with locks and security systems, you may feel comfortable tackling the job yourself. In case you are new to locksmithing or unsure of your skills, it may be safer to hire a professional locksmith.

If you are on a tight budget, DIY rekeying may be the best option for you. But, if you have the funds available, hiring a professional locksmith may provide added peace of mind and security.

If you need the job done quickly or have a busy schedule, hiring a professional locksmith may be the best option

Final Words

To summarize, rekeying your locks is an important aspect of home security. Whether you decide to DIY rekey or hire a professional locksmith, it is crucial to make an informed decision based on your individual circumstances and needs. 

While DIY rekeying can be a cost-effective and convenient option, it does come with more potential risks and drawbacks. Hiring a professional locksmith provides expertise, experience, and guarantees, but it can also be more expensive and come with scheduling constraints. Ultimately, the decision should be based on careful consideration of the factors mentioned above.

If you have decided to hire a professional locksmith for your rekeying needs, look no further than DML Locksmith. We are a reputable and reliable locksmith company, we offer a range of services, including residential, commercial, and automotive locksmithing. Our team of highly skilled and experienced locksmiths is equipped to handle any type of lock or security system, providing fast and efficient service that is backed by guarantees and warranties.

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Top 5 Reasons Texas Homeowners Should Rekey Their Locks After Moving In

Moving into a new home is an exciting and sometimes overwhelming experience. With so much to consider and plan for, it’s easy to overlook certain important details. 

Simply put, the safety and security of your new home should always be a top priority. That's why it's crucial to rekey the locks on all the doors as soon as possible after moving in. Rekeying involves changing the internal mechanism of the lock so that the old keys no longer work.

This provides a simple and effective way to prevent anyone who previously had access to the property from entering without permission. In this article, we will discuss the top 5 reasons why new Texas homeowners should prioritize rekeying their locks to ensure their peace of mind and protect their new home.


When you purchase a new home, one of the most important things you want to ensure is your safety and security. The locks on your doors are the first defense against potential intruders. Unfortunately, you won’t always know who has had access to the keys to your new property in the past. Previous owners, tenants, contractors, or even neighbors may still have the keys to your home, which puts you and your loved ones at risk.

Rekeying locks is a simple and cost-effective solution to this problem. Rekeying involves changing the internal workings of the lock to make the existing keys ineffective. Even if someone had a key to your property before, they won’t be able to enter your home anymore. Rekeying locks ensures that only the new homeowners have access to the keys, providing you with peace of mind and improving the security of your new home.

It is not only previous owners or tenants that pose a risk. It is possible that the keys may have been duplicated and distributed without the knowledge of the previous owner or landlord. In this case, rekeying locks becomes even more important to guarantee that only the new homeowner can access the keys.

It is essential to prioritize security when moving into a new home, and rekeying locks should be one of the top tasks on your to-do list. It will help you feel safer and more secure in your new home, and you can rest easy knowing that you are the only person who has access to your property.


Moving into a new home is an expensive process. We know you are trying to be mindful of expenses when making any home improvements or upgrades. One way to save money after moving into a new home is to consider rekeying locks rather than changing them completely.

Rekeying locks is a cost-effective solution that involves changing the internal mechanism of the lock too so that the old keys will no longer work. This means that new keys will need to be used to open the lock, and only the current homeowners have access to the property. Unlike changing locks completely, rekeying only requires the pins inside the lock to be changed, which is a much quicker and less expensive process.

Changing locks entirely can be a costly and time-consuming process, particularly if the existing locks are high-quality and need to be replaced with similar-quality locks. 

So, this is for you if you’re looking for a simple and easy process. 

rental properties

Peace of mind

Moving into a new home is an exciting experience, but it can also be quite stressful.. One of the biggest concerns that new homeowners face is the security of their property. After all, no one wants to worry about the possibility of someone else having access to their home.

Rekeying locks can provide peace of mind and help to reduce stress and anxiety you may not even know was there. By rekeying the locks on all the doors, you can ensure that only you have access to their property. This means that they can sleep soundly at night, knowing that their home is secure and that their family is safe.

While providing security, rekeying locks can also help to make the transition to a new home much smoother. Moving can be a stressful experience, and the last thing that new homeowners need is the added stress of worrying about the security of their property. By rekeying the locks, new homeowners can focus on settling into their new homes and enjoying their new surroundings, rather than worrying about the safety and security of their property.

Protection against previous tenants/owners

So we’ve covered how exciting and stressful moving into a new home is, and while most people assume that they are the only ones with access to their new home, there is always the risk that previous tenants or owners may still have a spare key or may have duplicated the key before moving out. We discussed this briefly before, but this is an important factor to consider. Imagine someone walking into your home at any time and you don’t know them.? 

To prevent this potential risk, we recommend that new homeowners rekey their locks as soon as they move in. Rekeying the lock is such a quick and easy process to make sure you don’t have unwanted guests. 

Improved functionality

Ok, let’s talk about functionality. You may have checked the locks when you were looking at the house, or maybe you put down an offer site unseen. Unfortunately, over time, locks can become worn and damaged, which can affect their usability. This can cause keys to get stuck in the lock, the lock to jam or simply not work at all.

Rekeying locks is an effective solution for enhancing lock functionality. This process can simultaneously address any wear and tear that may have affected the lock's performance.

This procedure is especially beneficial for older homes or those with locks that haven't been replaced in a while, as these locks may be more prone to wear and tear, so to maintain proper functionality, this is a great option.

By opting for rekeying, you can ensure their locks are dependable and function as intended, avoiding the frustration and inconvenience of malfunctioning locks. Additionally, this provides peace of mind, as homeowners can be confident in the performance of their locks.

Final Words

All in all, rekeying locks is a small but significant step that new Texas homeowners can take to ensure the safety and security of their new property. By rekeying the locks, homeowners can protect against potential security risks and prevent access by previous tenants or owners. Besides, the rekeying lock is a cost-effective option that can improve the functionality of the locks and provide peace of mind for new homeowners.

We highly recommend that new Texas homeowners prioritize rekeying their locks as soon as possible after moving in to ensure maximum protection and peace of mind. To make the process easier, homeowners can contact the reliable and trusted DML Locksmith. With 24/7 emergency services, we at DML Locksmith can provide professional and efficient rekeying services to ensure that homeowners can enjoy their new homes without any unnecessary worries or stress.

Don't take any chances with the security of your new home. Contact DML Locksmith today for top-notch rekeying services and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home is secure.

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