When is the Right Time to Rekey Your Texas Home?

Keeping your home safe is a major concern for many Texans and people everywhere. One simple and effective way to do this is by rekeying your locks. Rekeying means changing the inside parts of the lock instead of buying a new lock altogether. This saves you money and the trouble of installing a whole new lock. With a new key and modified lock, you can feel safe again if your key is lost or stolen or if you think someone has tried to break in.

But when should you rekey your home? How often should you do it? What should you think about before making this decision? In this blog, we'll talk about signs that show it's time to rekey your home. By doing this, you'll have a secure and protected living environment.

Rekey When Moving Into A New Home

If you're a new Texas homeowner, it's a good idea to rekey your locks as soon as possible. You never know who might have a copy of the old keys, even if you received them from the previous owners or real estate agents. The old owners could have given keys to friends or family members who still have them, or your neighbors could have a set of keys to your home, and we aren't sure you want them walking in when you are new to a neighborhood. 

Rekeying your locks is also a great opportunity to upgrade to more advanced and secure locks, like smart locks or high-security deadbolts. Feeling secure in your home is important, and knowing that only you have access to your home and that your family and possessions are safe can give you peace of mind.

As a potential added bonus, rekeying your locks may lead to discounts on homeowners' insurance policies or be included in your coverage, as it shows you're taking proactive measures to secure your home.

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Rekeying After Break-In or Attempted Break-In

Experiencing a break-in or attempted break-in is a scary experience that can leave homeowners feeling violated and unsafe in their homes. Not only can it impact your emotional well-being, but it can also damage your locks and compromise your home's security. That's why it's important to rekey your locks immediately after a break-in or attempted break-in.

Rekeying your locks can prevent the person who broke in from using the old key to gain entry to your home again. Additionally, it will replace the internal parts of the lock that may have been damaged during the break-in, ensuring that your locks are working properly and providing the necessary level of security to protect your family and belongings.

Rekeying your locks can also give you a sense of control and peace of mind. Knowing that your locks have been changed and that only you can access your home can help you feel more secure and in control. This can be especially important for people feeling anxious or fearful after experiencing a break-in.

It's worth noting that rekeying your locks after a break-in or attempted break-in may be covered by your homeowner's insurance. Several insurance policies include coverage for home security measures, such as rekeying your locks after a break-in. Check with your insurance provider to determine if this is a covered expense.

Rekeying After Loss or Theft of Keys

Losing or having your keys stolen can happen to anyone. Unfortunately, if someone else gets their hands on them, they can use them to enter your home and take your belongings. This can be dangerous and scary. That's why it's essential to rekey your locks if they are lost or stolen. Rekeying your locks makes any old keys useless, so no one can use them to get into your home without your permission.

Rekeying Aging or Malfunctioning Locks

As locks age, they can stop working well and become harder to use. If you're having trouble turning your key or your locks are sticking, it could mean your locks are getting old and not working correctly. These problems can cause big issues, such as getting locked out of your home or having a security breach due to weak locks.

Rekeying your locks can help fix these problems by replacing parts that are worn down and making your locks work better. It's important to make rekeying part of your regular home security routine. This simple and affordable process can help make your locks last longer and keep your home more secure.

It's also important to remember that some locks may wear down faster than others, especially if they're exposed to tough weather like rain, wind, or extreme temperatures. Living in Texas means dealing with extreme weather conditions, including hot summers and heavy rainfall. These harsh weather conditions can cause your locks to wear down faster, making them more susceptible to damage and break-ins. 

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Other Times to Consider Rekeying

Upgrading Lock System: If you're getting new locks, it's important to make sure they work well with the rest of your locks. To do this, you should rekey and upgrade all your locks at the same time. This will help you avoid issues with your keys or locks not working together. Upgrading your locks is a good chance to make your home more secure and use new technology, like smart locks or keyless entry systems. A locksmith can help you choose the best locks for your home and make sure they're installed the right way.

Changes in Household Members: As household members change, you should rekey your locks to ensure that only those who should have access to your home do have access. This includes any family members, roommates, or even employees with access to your home. If you've given a key to someone who no longer needs access to your home, it's important to have your locks rekeyed to prevent unauthorized entry. Rekeying your locks can be a simple and cost-effective way to enhance your home security and ensure that only those who should have access to your home do.

Regular Security Maintenance: Taking care of your home security is important, and locksmith services for regular security maintenance can help prevent problems before they happen. Regular security maintenance means checking your locks and doors for any problems, like signs of damage or wear and tear. You should also check your security system's settings and make sure your smart locks are functioning properly. By doing regular security maintenance with a security locksmith in Texas, you can make sure your home is safe and protected from potential threats.

Final Thoughts

Rekeying your locks is an essential part of keeping your home and family secure. Whether you're dealing with lost or stolen keys, moving into a new home, or aging or malfunctioning locks, rekeying can be an easy and cost-effective solution to enhance the security of your home. It's also important to consider other factors, such as upgrading your lock system, rekeying when household members change, and doing regular security maintenance. By taking a proactive approach to your home security, you can prevent potential security breaches and ensure your locks are working correctly. 

Working with a professional locksmith makes the rekeying process easier. At DML Locksmith, we can provide expert advice on when to rekey your locks and how often you should have your locks inspected and maintained. We are a trusted locksmith for Texas homeowners who are also here to recommend the best lock system for your needs and install it correctly, ensuring a smooth transition and maximum security for your home. Contact DML Locksmith today to discuss lock rekey services.

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