May 26, 2021

Should You Rekey Your Home or Change Your Locks?

If you have ever moved into a new home, split from a partner, or lost your house keys, you have probably wondered about changing your locks.

Changing the locks on your home is usually the first thing we think of in these scenarios, but did you know that you don’t have to change your locks?

Most people are unaware that another option can be cheaper and often better. The solution is rekeying the locks.

Rekeying your locks can save you money, especially if you need to do so often.

Homeowners tend to lean towards changing their locks, but not because a lock change is advantageous over re-keying; it is usually because they are not informed about the benefits of rekeying.

If you are wondering what circumstances are appropriate for rekeying your locks and when you need to change your locks, we will explain them below.

What is Rekeying a Lock?

Rekeying a lock means changing the working key in a lock to a different key. The lock itself does not get replaced. This means your lock remains the same, but anyone trying to use the original key would be unsuccessful.

To begin the rekeying process, a locksmith must have a current fitting key. Otherwise, the lock will need to be picked, possibly incurring more fees for you and thus becoming more expensive than changing the locks.

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A locksmith will rekey a lock by disassembling and reassembling the lock with different parts inside.

These parts are called key pins or tumblers. When a lock is rekeyed, it does not become less secure.

Instead, the number of pins inside determines the security of a lock, so if a locksmith changes the existing five pins for five new pins, the lock will be secure as it was before the rekeying.

Rekeying is typically the cheaper alternative to changing out locks. It is cost-effective to rekey a lock because it is reusing your existing lock structure.

Most residential and business locks can be rekeyed, so it is simply a matter of your choice and whether your locksmith has the necessary equipment.

One practical reason to rekey your locks is for convenience. If your home has a front and back door with different keys, you may have your locks rekeyed to use the same key. Note that the locks must be the same brand.

Enlisting the service of a locksmith is essential when you want to rekey your locks because you risk the security of your home if you make an error rekeying.

Benefits of Rekeying Your Locks


Changing only the key pins in a lock cylinder keeps costs low. Key pins are inexpensive, and you will only have to pay a locksmith for labor and maybe some other small fees.

If you are looking to keep your costs down but want to ensure that your house is as secure as it was, rekeying your locks is ideal for you.


Rekeying your locks can renew your sense of security as you are declaring all other keys obsolete in doing so.

Rekeying your locks is an excellent option for new homeowners that have a strict budget. A new homeowner can have the locks rekeyed to ensure that the only working keys for the locks are those in their possession. Rekeying can ensure that the new owners feel safe and secure in their new homes.


If you like your locks’ brand and the way they look, you should not replace the locks. Replacing your locks might mean that you need to do some repair work, depending on the shape and size of the previous lock.

Rekeying your locks will leave your locks in their current footprint, which is a good idea, especially if you are satisfied with your existing brand and shape.

A Quick Solution

When you are concerned with your home’s safety and would like a quick solution to your problem, you may wish to call a locksmith to rekey your locks.

A locksmith can rekey your lock quickly and effortlessly. There are only a couple of tools needed to complete the rekeying process and minimal labor. If time is a factor when deciding between changing the locks or re-keying, re-keying will be the faster option.

What Is Your Best Choice?

There are many cases where changing your locks is necessary. For instance, when you have had a break-in, your locks are damaged, or if you want a more secure locking system than you currently have and more.

There are also many instances where a simple rekeying can accomplish what you require, at a cheaper cost than changing the locks.

Take Away: Each method has its purpose and works equally well.

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