December 8, 2022

Reasons Your Car Key Isn't Working

There can be several reasons related to your car keys not working, such as a dirty key or an ignition issue. This article will explore a few reasons why your car key might not work.

What Are The Possible Reasons For The Malfunctioning Of Car Keys?

Damaged And/Or Broken Car Locks

If you're having trouble with your car key not working, it could be because of damaged or broken locks. This common problem can be caused by various things, including wear and tear, weather damage, or even accidentally dropping your keys.

You may do a few things to try and fix the problem yourself, but if the damage is severe, it's best to call a locksmith. Trying to force the key into the lock can worsen the situation and cause even more damage.

If you need help determining what's causing the problem, take your car key to a professional locksmith or dealership, and they'll be able to diagnose the issue and get your car key working again in no time.

Worn-out And Damaged Car Keys

When a key is inserted into the ignition, it wears down the metal teeth. Over time, this wear can lead to the key no longer fitting properly in the ignition, which can cause problems starting the car. If your car key needs to be fixed, a professional must check it out to ensure that there is no more serious problem.

Issues With The Ignition Cylinder

The ignition cylinder is the part of the car where the key fits into and turns to start the engine. The ignition cylinder can prevent the key from turning and starting the engine if something is wrong. This can be a very frustrating problem, especially if it happens when you are trying to start your car. There are a few simple things that you can do if you have this problem. 

Check to see if the ignition cylinder is dirty or damaged. You can try to clean it with a cotton swab or a toothbrush if it is dirty. If it is damaged, you may need to replace it.


Blockages can occur in the keyway, which is the part of the ignition that the key fits into. This can happen if dirt or debris gets into the keyway and prevents the key from fully inserting. Another potential blockage is within the lock cylinder itself. Over time, dust and grime can accumulate inside the cylinder, preventing the tumblers from moving properly. This can cause the key to get stuck or not work at all. If you're having trouble with your car key, try looking at these potential blockages.


There are many DIY tutorials that teach you how to repair or reset your car key, but we recommend hiring a professional.

If you made a mistake during the process, you may have worsened the problem.

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