May 25, 2024

Protecting Your Home From Spring Storm Damage- How to secure windows, doors, yards before severe thunderstorms hit

As we embrace the Spring season it's clear that with the skies and blooming flowers comes the potential for strong thunderstorms. It's crucial to prioritize safeguarding your home against storm damage during this time. This article provides advice on how to secure your windows, protect your doors and ensure yard safety in weather conditions.

High speed winds, intense lightning and heavy rains

The combination of high speed winds, intense lightning and heavy rains poses a risk to homes especially impacting windows and doors. The primary defense is to fortify your windows before the storms arrive. If you reside in an area of storms , consider investing in impact windows. These windows are built with a layer between two glass layers, designed to withstand high velocity objects. Regular windows can be protected by using storm shutters or installing cut plywood. Make sure they are securely locked and inspect for any vulnerabilities beforehand.

Securing doors from spring storms

Securing doors from spring storms is another aspect of protecting your home. Ensure that all doors in your residence are made of sturdy wood or metal. They should fit snugly within their frames without any gaps, for wind infiltration.
Make sure to install bolts starting from the top down for security and replace any rusted ones promptly. Using weather stripping is another method to keep drafts from seeping into your home.

secure your home for spring storms

Yard maintenance - often gets overlooked

An aspect of home safety that often gets overlooked during weather is yard maintenance. It's important to remember that a maintained yard plays a role in protecting your home from damage during spring storms. Regularly trim your tree’s branches near your house to reduce the risk of breakages that could cause harm. Secure items like furniture, grills or gardening tools that could become hazards in winds.

By following these residential safety measures for thunderstorms you can prevent damages. It's also wise to have an emergency plan in place for any weather events. Keep items such as a first aid kit, candles, food, water and important documents accessible in case of an emergency.

Preparing for emergencies like fires is essential for families

Additionally, take action if your property sustains damage for your safety and to preserve the integrity of your home. Have service contacts on hand for assistance. Swiftly restoring your property— security features—in severe weather, with professional help can prevent further damage or costly repairs.

Lastly, don't forget to inspect the exterior of your home after any storms looking for any potential damage to the roof, walls or foundation. Taking care of your home shouldn't just focus on what you can see from the outside. It's important to check systems like drainage, sewerage and power supply to make sure everything is working properly.

To sum up,

Preparing your home for spring storms might seem overwhelming. It's always better to prevent damage than deal with the consequences, on. The steps mentioned in this article are investments that will definitely pay off when faced with weather conditions. By following these safety precautions you and your family can enjoy the spring season knowing that your home is well protected.

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