September 15, 2021

6 Ways Keypads Can Save You Money

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Your business is one of your most significant investments, which means you will find some of the most valuable items within your business at your facility.

Your facility must provide security to your employees, inventory, and sensitive documents.

Providing a safe environment for you and your employees to conduct business is a priority.

You want to keep your business safe from trespassers and intruders, burglars, and other unwanted visitors.

And if they have a high turnover or many daily guests like customers or vendors, security can become an issue.

An upgraded locking system with a keypad is the best way to secure your business while also providing other incredible benefits to you and your employees.

Read on to see why using keypads can save your business money.

Money-Saving Benefits of a Keypad Lock

Even if your business is located in a safe area, the reality is that there are still shady folk who wish to gain entry to your business without permission.

Here are just some of the security and money-saving benefits a keypad lock can provide!

1. Better Security for Your Business

Standard keyed locks can act as a deterrent against theft, but determined criminals will still find a way to gain entry to businesses, causing damage and stealing, causing massive losses.

Upgraded keyless entry locks will make burglars think twice about trying to enter your business. Keypad locks are tough to break into and will keep your business and employees safe and secure.

Simply seeing a keypad lock can turn off unwanted visitors and criminals, so you will not only feel safe yourself, but your employees will also have a sense of peace when at work. A keypad lock is a great way to upgrade your current locks, keep trespassers out, and keep your inventory and employees safe.

2. Save on Lost or Stolen Keys

Keypad locks provide a keyless entry for your employees or frequent visitors to your business, such as vendors or mobile employees.

They also save business owners from tracking down keys from former, temporary, or contract employees.

Another benefit to a keypad is that there is no worry about lost keys. There is no key to be replicated, so you won't have to pay for rekeying or replacing the deadbolts and locks whenever someone loses or misplaces a key.

You will simply change the lock code, and the business is secure once again.

For a business with a high turnover, this is a big money saver.

3. Increased Productivity

Increased - DML

Using keyed locks in your business leads to decreased productivity, especially when employees must lock and unlock doors multiple times per day.

Imagine: your employee sits down to work on a project, gets into a groove, and must stop working to unlock the door. Imagine your employees doing that numerous times a day, a week, a month. It adds up.

With keyless entry, employees can stay focused on working, ensuring more customer focus, and you and your employees will be more productive.

The use of keyed locks also means that you and your employees will not have to fiddle with keys on a keychain. Keys can present a security issue if the doors do not unlock efficiently, especially at night or if your employees have access to your facility at odd hours.

Entering a code into a keypad eliminates the pain of unlocking a door with full hands and guarantees that you can enter the building quickly and safely.

4. Cheaper Installation

When a keyed lock gets damaged, it can also damage the door itself. With the addition of keyless entry keypads, you are eliminating potential door damage.

A professional locksmith from DML Locksmith can give you options for the type of keypad lock that suits your business and security needs. In most cases, there will be no need for any other costs involved, like a new door or door frame.

Many keypads also use a self-contained battery or mechanical entry instead of a power source. Therefore, if you choose this type of keypad lock, it will not increase your utility bills.

5. No Need for Making Keys

Replacing your keyed door knobs or deadbolts with a keypad can save you money by putting an end to having to have keys made.

Whenever a key-holding employee onboards, you can give them a unique passcode that will allow them access to parts of your business that you choose.

With keypad entry, business owners can create customized codes for certain employees. Regular employees can have one code, but you can also have a temporary access code for those who might come in one week but not the next.

If your business has numerous locked areas, you also eliminate the need to make keys for these areas. Instead, with the installation of keypads, you gain the ability to see who entered the facility or area and when.

6. Better Quality Locks

When you have a professional locksmith like DML Locksmith upgrade your current locks to a high-quality keypad option, you are giving yourself the benefit of low maintenance with high security.

Traditional locks with keyed entry wear down from consistent key use. Your locks suffer, but you can also suffer adverse effects on your door's hardware and even the door frame and the door's integrity.

Keypad locks do not suffer the same amount of wear and tear from use. Therefore, you will not need to use products to ensure that a key turns in the lock, but you will also rest assured that a faulty lock will not lock you and your employees out of your business.

DML Locksmith

More and more business owners choose to secure their business with a more firm locking system, the keypad lock.

Savvy business owners in the metro Dallas area choose DML Locksmith to convert their locking system to high-quality keypad locks.

Give DML Locksmith a call to inspect and assess your locks to give you the best options for your business needs.

When you are ready to upgrade your current locks to a keypad entry system or for any other locksmith service, including residential, commercial, and automotive, contact us.

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